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MS_virtual-Planning-ProcessMSOFT Virtual Planning Process
Our software offers flexible prosthetic-driven planning that can be done either by the clinician, using our simplified state-of-the-art MSOFT program, or through our worldwide network of MCENTERs, providing technical support and guidance in over 20 countries, in five languages.
The software also acts as an online information hub connecting all software users; doctors, dental labs, periodontists, prosthodontists and the MCENTER in order to share cases and take part in demonstrations, discussions or consultations.

Using the MSOFT, the clinician is able to see through bone to detect structures or flaws that can impact drilling and implant placement. Implants may be more accurately placed according to depth, position and angulation in relation to the desired prosthetic solution.
Implant Positioning
The MSOFT program generates multi-level, 2D planning views and 3D composite representations of the patient’s anatomy, in order to create the perfect placement and surgical plan. This same high precision technology is used to print the open-frame drilling template that allows quicker, more accurate implant placement for the benefit of the dentist and patient alike.

COMMUNICATION_wavePatient Communication
When a surgeon or dentist can refer to measurable values rather than subjective judgments alone as the basis for decision-making, it is easier to explain treatment choices to patients.